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Private Investigator Greece | Refused a receipt? Dont pay! [1/11/2012]

This customer will have to pay (File photo)

Consumers who not provided with a VAT receipt for goods or services they have purchased now have the right to leave without paying under a new development ministry regulation.

The new measure, launched on Monday, is being piloted in the restaurant sector. If successful, it will be extended to other services, shops and professions.

The aim of the measure is to force businesses to provide receipts for the services and goods they sell.

The new rule has been condemned by the National Confederation of Greek Commerce (ESEE), who says it exposes businesses to theft.

"If the customer requests a receipt and the shopkeeper refuses, the customer can complain to the relevant authorities after leaving the goods and leaving the shop. But they cannot take the goods and leave without paying," ESEE said.

"This measure is illegal and meets all the elements of the criminal offense of theft." (Athens News)

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